Ava is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m so thankful for you allowing her to enter and impact my life. She has made huge strides from when she first arrived. I wish I could put into words how thankful I am to you and your family! I just wanted to send you guys a few of my favorite pictures of her. 

I wanted to update you on Floyd. We just love him! He is very, very smart. He has hiked all of the forest preserve near us, he has indoor swimming play time (he is a madman around the water), he knows a dozen commands, and he rings the bells to go out. Um….oh and he goes to daycare to get socialized, he loves it. His mom must be super smart! OH and he loves the cat. The cat loves him too. His name is Figaro

Hi, Rick:

Wanted to let you know that Ike took the transition very well and that he is in loving hands. He is a happy dog and full of excitement. So far he has learned to fetch, sit, and give me his paw. He is also doing well with house breaking and pee pads. Ike is growing fast and it’s been a lot of fun watching his progress.