About Us

We are breeders of beautiful American Bulldogs in Oklahoma and are committed to raising the healthiest, soundest, most beautiful American Bulldog possible, in that order. We started breeding American Bulldogs back in 2002.


Dogs have always been my favorite animal. I have owned many over the years, and my Rottweilers have a big spot in my heart. I had to put one down (Bonnie) at 5 years old, and the other (Josie) at 6. That experience is the main reason why I am so determined to raise the healthiest dogs possible. The investment, in particular, the emotional investment involved with the relationship with a working/guardian dog, is a big one. It should last longer than a few years. That is what led me to the American Bulldog as a breed. They are like the Rottweiler in many ways. Loyal, protective, strong, stubborn, and athletic.

The American Bulldog is the superb canine athlete. Our dogs do things every day that still amaze us. This natural ability lends itself to creating a healthier dog. If you provide the outlet, they will be fit and thrive.

Rick and Mandy Wesson Breeders of Amazing American Bulldogs

When we first started breeding, we were quite ignorant of the different health problems that face the American Bulldog as a breed. Hip dysplasia was a given for any large breed. But there are also elbow, eye, skin, and other potential issues, not to mention NCL (a fatal genetic Neurological disease). The main way we have combatted these ills is by genetic diversity within the breed. We start with the best female we can find and breed to the best stud available in the country (regardless of whether it is a Johnson, Scott, or Ol’ Southern-bred dog). We determine “the best” by family history of health and longevity, as well as conformation and intelligence (proven by working ability/obedience). That in combination with testing (Pennhip, OFA hip & elbow, and NCL testing), makes us confident we are producing the healthiest puppies, and longest living future family members out there.