A Puppy’s Life

My Name is Una

Being a puppy here at Bully to You is pretty nice. Do you realize we were born right in Grandma & Grandpa’s bedroom? And they kept us there for 4 weeks, even though we would wake them up all hours of the night! They said they didn’t mind, it was the only way they could be sure we were alright. I guess they really love us.

Then, when were 4 weeks old, they moved us to our own bedroom! Can you believe it? Because we were so good, (I guess), they started giving us goat’s milk, and after a few days, started mixing in Iam’s large breed puppy food. We sure are grateful, because mom didn’t let us nurse as much, because we started getting really sharp teeth. We also have our own potty pan, so we started learning how to be housebroken at a mere 4 weeks old!

There are always strangers coming to visit us, and we sure love meeting new people. Grandma & Grandpa say it is called “being socialized”, but we just think it’s fun. They also give us stuff called “wormer”. We don’t really like it, but I guess we like worms even less. One less thing to worry about.

Soon we’ll be getting our first “shot”. That doesn’t sound very nice, but I guess if Grandma & Grandpa think we should, it is for the best. Next comes “crate training”. That doesn’t sound so tough. I bet we’ll get that down quick.

Although we are going to miss it here, we really can’t wait to be part of a family that is all our own. After all, who likes to share!